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An Ode To Debbie, My Amazing Romantic Crush

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Romantic Crush, Deborah, New Haven
I eloped with nostalgia down memory lane recently and one of the ancient site we visited was New Haven Primary School 1 Enugu. Something about a crush made this place stand out historically.
If I were to make a list of my childhood crushes, the list will be a little longer than Mississippi river. It was that big but the name will remain the same. A name I’ve closely used once ever since. The name is Deborah.

The list would've looked like this

Forgive me Debbie for not remembering your last name. Maybe I was busy feeding my fantasy off her exotic body frame to remember her last name. My fantasy had the appetite of an insatiable voracious black hole swallowing any and everything on its path. She was my romantic crush, crush of all crushes. My favourite past time was to daydream about her.

The fantasy thingy was like second creation for my kiddo brain. Thoughts of her consumed me in a manner parallel to a cow grazing the entire non ocean parts of earth to point of desertification. You can imagine the weight I carried. The never ending long wait I married, such a romantic crushing weight. The wedlock of me and waiting-in-vain was a disaster. I never had enough courage to express myself so I waited like a fowl waiting to grow teeth. I'm sure it would've been an amazing romance had Venus and Cupid not been on vacation.

Debbie was my classmate in primary 4 in New Haven Primary School 1 Enugu. I fell for her the second my brain processed her image. The terrain of my heart was emotionally wet and slippery, little wonder why I fell head over heels for her. She lacked the height of the hills but she stood tall like a mountainHer romantic aura intimidated me, I was an overflowing shyness fountain. Gawd! I was such a shy machine.
She was Brilliant, 1st position in class. I couldn’t grab that position till we moved to different classes. She was Black. She was Bold. She was BEAUTIFUL! She had a sensuous thick lips and a killer smile. Her sculptor fitted her with exceptionally cute dimples that lights up her smile causing my body ACs to malfunction. Her sweetness was my weakness. How can a piece of iron filing like me stand the strong romnantic attraction of a giant magnet like Deborah? How was I supposed to repel that romantic attraction? I was both the predator and perfect prey.

God took a rib from Adam to make Eve, I think he took my entire skeletal system to make Debbie. I was totally caught and crushed up in the rapture of love. Funny how much I loved Anita Baker then though my primary 4 mind never grasped the mature romantic meaning/message of her lyrics. I often tail Debbie home like some invisible CIA agent, shit it was crazy. I did more than a knight in shining amour slaying dragons and ferocious beasts to rescue a damsel trapped in tower like most romantic fairy tale stories.

In a similar case one girl tripped helplessly for me. I wasn’t man enough to show or tell Debbie how I felt but this other girl was boy enough to at least show me her innermost feelings. Unfortunately she had a twin sister and they were perfectly and identically identical. You can’t tell them apart even if they were your own right and left hand. Besides my feeling at that time was faithfully and naturally custom-made for Debbie technically other girls just didn’t exist. Kinda like the early days of Clark and Lana of Smallville.

It’s curiously amazing how this portion of my memory has remained very vivid all these years. It comes in colourful HDTV production quality while the rest is in blurry black and white. I’m just wondering what became of her, who she grew up to be. What and where she is now. I don’t feel like that anymore but I won’t mind meeting her once again. Have you seen her? Tell me have you seen her. If you see her, tell her to give me a call. My number is 1-800-childhood crush.

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  1. That was a wonderful piece. I had a crush once but it never worked out

    1. Yeah like mine it didn't work lol. It was torturous fun while it lasted


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